Caleb Coston – Raleigh Child Photographer

I am not sure if I have ever laughed so hard in an hour. Photographing Caleb at the NC State Arboretum was nothing but fun. He loved picking out different spots to get his picture taken and kept wanting to give me different funny faces. When I tried to make him laugh for the camera, he would end up making me laugh right back. He is such a handsome guy, and his mom is so beautiful. This weekend I will be taking some head shots of her…. stay tuned! Here are a few of my favorites from the day…

Here is one of those funny faces I was talking about! He cracks me up!

Look out for Morgan’s head shots in the next week or so!


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The Zents Family – Raleigh Family Photography

This family should be in a magazine. Mom is breath taking, Dad is so handsome and the boys are just perfect. Tara, the mom, keeps me sane 5 days a week from the ups and downs of our day job. I don’t know what I would do without her. We laugh, we complain and we eat lots, and I mean lots, of Thai food. I had so much fun with them at the NC State Arboretum yesterday. Andrew and Hunter, the two oldest boys, were so into it! They kept wanting to give me their “sexy” faces and poses. When we were leaving, Chase the youngest, gave me a rose. I decided that he would be my new boyfriend. Sorry Brad. Brooke & Chase 4ever……

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Tara - What a WONDERFUL job you’ve done capturing our family!!! The photos are totally awesome! Now, let’s go get some Thai food! LOL!

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Little Leo – Newborn

This chunky cheeked lady killer is only 6 days old! I have known his mom for 8 years from my Wilmington days. At first she was my hair dresser…then we quickly became great friends. From struggling (and I really mean struggling) though Pilates classes to tearing up the dance floor downtown, we have done it all. I have been counting the days for this bundle of joy to arrive to not only meet him, but to catch up with his mama! Leo was the perfect baby during this shoot. Where ever we placed him, he just settled right in and went to sleep. He did have someone watching over every move I made…his big fur brother Hank! All of the photos are precious… but here are a few of my favorites!

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Yoshiko Roach - He is so handsome. Congratulations on this wonderful blessing!

Susan Polomik - He’s such a handsome little babe! And you’re so talented! Im tearing up a little, Im just so impressed by you!

TJ Outlaw - Gorgeous pics of Leo!!! Love, love, love the pic with Hanky Panky!!!

Ivy Albertson - I love these pictures. Such a blessing from God. Congratulations and thank you for sharing this precious little boy with us!!!

Judy Mooring - He is SO cute…these photos are really, really good. Such cute poses….can’t wait to see and hold him!!!!

Cheryl Tilghman - Oh my they are SO adorable. Excellent job! So proud to call Leo my great nephew. He has precious parents and grandparents. He is the most loved little boy. So blessed and we are so blessed to have him! Thank you for sharing! Aunt Cheryl!

Allyson Perry - These pictures are beautiful and so creative! Baby Leo is the handsomest baby boy ever! I can say that because I am his NANE!!! I can’t pick a favorite because they are all so good. Can’t wait to share with family and friends!

Lindsey Gray Walkoviak - These pics are so adorable. The close up of him wrapped in gauze is stunning.

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Laila – Fun in the Park

Words can’t express how natural this 2 year old was in front of the camera. I have known her Father for 15 years and kept asking, “Where did she learn all of this?” I would point the camera and she would instantly strike a pose. Despite being afraid of ANYTHING nature… we made it through the session. Here are a few of my favorites….


Leave Leila some love in the comments section below.

Tonya Foreman - These pics are simply breath taking!!! Laila is a beautiful child inside and out!!!


Shawner - Great job, Brooke! You’re gonna go very far with this!

Marcus - The pictures came out really good you are a great photographer and I cant wait until we do this again!

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